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Rémi Cogranne
Welcome in my very lair !

Brief biography

I just turned 30, I am engaged and (happiest) father of two daugthers.
Since 2013, I am an Associate Professor, at the Troyes University of Technology (UTT), within the Laboratory of Systems Modelling and Dependability (LM2S) and teaching in the engineering degree Systems, Networks and Telecommunications (SRT).
I has been an "invited scholar" in SUNY (State University of New-York), at Binghamton, within the dept. ECE, DDE (Digital Data Embedding) six months during 2014 and one month in 2015.
I defended a PhD thesis in December 2011 at the Troyes University of Technology (UTT) on the statistical detection of information hidden within digital images. The manuscript (in french) is available following this link.
Before that, I received a diploma of engineering, in 2008, from the UTT in Information System and Telecommunication.
During these studies I took the opportunity to discover what became a passion : travel. I have spent a semester in Jököping, Sweden, in 2005, thanks to the Erasmus exchange program and traveled throughout Scandinavia.
I have taken a "semester-off" to get involved in a volunteer program in Zinguinchor, Senegal, as a teacher in an elementary school.

Website map

A list of all my publications (most of them downloadable for non-commercial purpose) can be found here. Some of the codes related to those publications can also be found here, there is currently no that many code, I intent to expand this section soon
A list of list of teaching that I did is available here.
More about me can be found here.
I put some pictures of my travels on that web page.